Cognito Motorsports lifted rear sway bar (Over Frame)

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Cognito rear sway bar kit, over the frame for 2001-2010 8-lug trucks. No fit 8-lug SUV's. It will have end links to accommodate stock leaf springs all the way up to 10” leaf springs. Stock height leaf spring end links are fixed length. The second set of end links is adjustable for 4-10” of lift in the spring. Any additional block underneath the stock or lifted spring will not affect the length of the end link since the bottom of the end link mounts to the top of the spring plate. Most 5th wheel hitches will not conflict with the sway bar. There are some I have seen that will, not sure what brands yet.

Selling point:
1. As you lift a truck, the center of gravity gets further away from the ground. Traditional sway bar kits mount to the rear end. Thus the center of gravity is getting further away from the sway bar and the bar becomes less and less effective the more this distance increases. This frame mounted bar stays higher and closer to the center of gravity no matter how high the truck is lifted, thus retaining its effectiveness in anti-sway.
2. This frame mounted kit has no clearance issues with any exhaust kits.
3. Can be used on stock height trucks. Kit includes hardware for lifted leaf or OEM leaf springs.

***Note**This kit may not work with some 5th wheel hitches***

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