'Platinum' UCA Package (2-3")
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"Platinum" UCA Package - 2-3" Height over factory

Suspension packages are designed exclusively by NorCalTruck.com and are geared towards matching our customers with the product that suits their needs. These packages deliver performance for any budget. Our customers can choose a package that meets their immediate needs and expectations, but also in most cases, can be upgraded at any point in the future. Please take the time to read the very useful information below to help you decide if this package is the best for you.  


Application: 2001-2010 Chevy/GM 2wd/4wd 2500HD & 3500HD including dually, 2001-2012 Suburban/Yukon XL 2500

Most commonly used for:

  • Daily Driver
  • Larger tires
  • Larger wheels
  • Light-Mild-Heavy size towing (Heavy Haulers add Helper Bags to maintain Level Stance)
  • Camping, Fire Roads & Mild Off Road


Our Platinum stage package has been our 2nd best seller for the past few years. We have found that a large amount of truck owners are looking for a well-rounded package, just as our standard stage package offers. This package takes the standard package a little further with the additions to allow you to use your truck a little harder than the common truck owner. Go ahead and use your truck for daily driving, family trips, camp off road, hauling toys and towing - now add the confidence to play harder than normal with the Platinum package!

Stage 7 "Platinum" Package Includes:

  • 110-90287        Cognito Ball joint style UCA
  • 110-90715        Cognito Pitman & Idler steering braces
  • 210-90210        Fox Performance Series Mono Tube Front Shocks
  • 210-90212        Fox Performance Series Mono Tube Rear Shocks
  • 110-90252        Cognito Heavy Duty Sway Bar Links
  • 110-90283        Cognito Heavy Duty Tie Rod Kit
  • Complete hardware and instructions

Features & Benefits: 

  • A must when Leveling your vehicle right
  • Corrected ball joint angle to withstand higher control arm operating angles
  • 28% more suspension travel can be achieved over stock
  • Bolt in ball joint style bolts in secure and is an easy installation
  • These UCA were designed with extra caster to your steering geometry to provide better drivability on highway.
  • Will work on Stabilitrack year trucks.
  • Does NOT widen front track width.
  • Does NOT change towing ability. 
  • No cutting or welding required.
  • DIY Friendly

Tire & Wheel Fitment:

  • Recommended maximum tire size for BEST results - 33" Tall x 11.50" wide tire. 
  • Recommended maximum aftermarket wheel for BEST results - 9" wide with backspacing between 5.0" to 5.7" - Less Back space the farther the wheel/tire will stick out, more back space will pull the tire/wheel in towards the suspension.
  • The key is to keep the wheel and tire combo from sticking out of the wheel opening so you have little to no rubbing on the fender and/or bumper when turning. Avoiding too large of a backspace is also a key in eliminating rubbing, so that your tire is not close to the UCA area.
  • 2001-2007 Classic Body Chevy/GM trucks have a larger wheel opening, on 2007.5-2010 new body style trucks slight to large amount of trimming may be required depending on your wheel and tire combo. NCT.com has instructions on a very clean DIY fender mod that is available if requested with your purchase to better help you gain tire clearance. 
  • Dual rear wheel trucks will fit up to a 33" Tall x 11.50" wide tire on factory wheels, but will require a rear wheel spacer between the dual wheels.
  • *Please check out the pictures above that display the wheel and tire specs that we have used with this package.


  • Lift "keys" are not included but may be needed, see below options.
  • Over-Cranking the suspension will reduce the ride height drop travel. This will affect the ride quality and is not recommended.
  • The distance between the upper control arm and frame drop stop should be NO-LESS than 5/8" distance at ride height.
  • A "Leveling" kit is designed to level a HD truck, but if you would like to add a block to the rear to regain a "rake" stance you can. We recommend between a 1"-1.5" to retain a factory looking stance or "rake".
  • Please check your pitman and idler steering arms for any slop or movement, please replace if excessive wear is found.


  • DIYer common install time 5-7 Hours (Pending added upgrades)
  • Have the vehicle professionally aligned according to the alignment specifications located in the installation instructions.
Alignment Specifications  
  • Caster, +4.0 to +6.0 degrees with .8 degree caster split optimal for average road crown.
  • Camber, 0.0 to + .2 degrees, with both sides equal.
  • Toe, 1/16” to 1/8” toe in, or stock toe setting.

Are you doing the install yourself? All NorCalTruck.com customers get exclusive private tech support by someone that has direct install knowledge with this product, so you can purchase with confidence and perform your own install.

Would you like this product professionally installed? Installation is available at NorCalTruck.com on this product line. Feel free to click on our gallery of in-house installations to view some of our work.

Options to consider adding to your package:

We are happy to help you add what options will be best suited for you and your needs. Please use this info to help you add to your order.

"BOXED UCA’s? "- Cognito Motorsports “Boxed” style UCA’s do not have dual shock tabs and offer a nice clean look. More than looks Cognito have designed these shocks to work directly with their special built Fox Performance Series shocks to delete the need for limit straps as the shock will act as the down travel stocking point and the UCA will no longer lock out against the frame stop.   

"Single or Dually rear wheel truck"- Depending on single or dually rear wheel it will require a certain rear shock for this package, so please let us know if your truck is a dually or single rear wheel truck.

"Performance Compression bump stop"- To gain the ultimate ride we suggest you take a look at your factory compression bump stops, if they are old and dried out or falling apart or even missing these replacement bump stops will come in handy and be better than a standard factory compression stop. Made with a better material to provide a smoother ride.  

"Lift Keys" - are not included but may be needed. Please use the following information to help you determine if NCT.com recommends that you add this option for maximum results. If so, please use the drop down option list to add lift keys if needed.

  • 2001-2005 Single wheel - We have found that the 2001-2005 model trucks need lift keys for added indexing to allow for more adjustment in the torsion bars to raise the front of the truck.
  • 2006-2008 Single wheel - We have found that the 2006-2008 model trucks are able to reach full adjustment with factory keys. 90% of trucks that fall in this category do not require lift keys and it’s not necessary to add them to your purchase.
  • 2009-2010 Single wheel - We have found that the 2009-2010 model trucks need lift keys for added indexing to allow for more adjustment in the torsion bars to raise the front of the truck.
  • 2001-2010 3500HD Single or Dual rear wheels - Because a 3500 truck sits a lot higher than a 2500, it is not possible to completely level this truck. At the same time we have found that 3500 trucks do need extra adjustment not found in the factory keys, so we do suggest you purchase lift keys to achieve full adjustment out of the front suspension within the guidelines provided.

"Key Unloading Tool"- This tool is a safe and easy way to remove the torsion bar adjustment keys. This is not a common tool most installers will have.   

"Replacment Idler & Pitman Arms"-  It is suggest that you check your current pitman and idler arms for wear, the Cognito Steering Braces should be installed on Pitman and Idler arms that are in good condition with no slop or movement in the ball and socket. Add these if you would like to start with a fresh new set. 

 "Steering Stabilizer"- We offer a couple options but our #1 seller would be the Bilstein Stabilizer, recently released to the market and we have many truck onwers happy with the results by adding the upgraded stabilizer to one of these leveling packages. 

"Block & Ubolt" kit options, this package is designed to level the front of a HD but if you would like to retain the "rake" stance you may add a rear block & ubolt kit to lift the rear. Please note that the leveling package WILL NOT leveling the front to match the rear truck height if adding a block & ubolt kit. When adding a block & ubolt kit your shocks in the package will be corrected for the added size blocks. Block & Ubolt kits are not recommended to be used if installing this leveling package on a Dually rear wheel truck, they already sit higher than a single rear wheel truck. ** SUBURBAN & YUKON XL 2500 - These will need a 1" Block & U-Bolt kit to keep them at level height as they are level factory. The Suburban in the pictures above is using the 1" Block & U-Bolt Option. 

"Sulastic Shackles" – These shackles are a great option to upgrade the rear of an HD truck with. They provide better highway comfort from the rear of the truck by acting as an isolator, keeping the harsh and heavy leaf spring ride from continuing through the truck chassis, through the cab, and into the driver’s seat. The end result is a smoother, more enjoyable ride for the driver and any passengers you may carry. Your family and friends will thank you for the major comfort upgrade, especially for making those rear passenger seats enjoyable on those long rides and road trips.


Feature video: 
2010 Chevy 2500HD Duramax Crew Cab Short box. This truck has our Off Road Leveling packages with Fox Shox plus a few extra add on's like Sulastic Shackles and Front & Rear Sway Bar upgrades. Tire Size is 285/70r17 on a 17x8 4.5bs and we also added a NCT Fender Mod for added clearance for the tires for off road use.
Watch our Leveling Package working, notice full movement of suspenion: 
Height x Length x Width (DIM): 12x39x16
Weight: 68.0000
Ship Via: FedEx
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