Cognito Adjustable Limit Straps

01-10 GM 8lug Adjustable Limit Straps 
Your GM vehicle was equipped with a droop stop that limits the down travel of the front suspension by the upper control arm. When the suspension droops to the droop stop, all of the weight and force of the wheel and tire is applied to the upper balljoint. This can cause premature balljoint wear as well as balljoint failure. This adjustable limit strap kit will change the suspension function to limit the droop travel by the lower control arm which is not only a safer option, but can help extend balljoint life. The kit can be used on a stock vehicle, torsion key lifted vehicle or a vehicle with Cognito Motorsports Suspension. 
Please choose from:
  • 110-90227 - Adjustable limit strap kit, 8-lug GM with Cognito leveling system, 7" NTBD system, 10" NTBD system
  • 110-90228 - (10-12' Lift) 01-10 GM 8-lug Adjustable Limit Straps 
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Component Description: Cognito Adjustable Limit Straps
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