Ford F-250 / F-350 / F-450 / F-550 Sulastic Shackles


Please choose from:

Ford F-250

  • SA-06 – 1980-2016 Ford F-250
  • SA-06F - 2017-2022 Ford F-250


Ford F-350

  • SA-06HD – 1980-2016 Ford F-350
  • SA-06HDF - 2017-2022 Ford F-350


Ford F-450

  • SA-06 HDD – 1980-2016 Ford F-450 Pick-up and Flat Bed  ***Not chassis-cab
  • SA-06 HDDF- 2017-2022 Ford F -450 Pick-up and Flat Bed   ***Not chassis-cab



 F-350, F-450, & F-550 Chassis-Cab

  • SAJ-03B - 1999-2022 F-350 F-450, F-550 (CHASSIS-CAB)  *** Please note, may require the fuel hose kit to reroute the fuel intake



Options for F-250/F-350:

  • KA-03 – 1980-2017 Ford F-250 ADD A 2.5” Lowering Kit
  • KIT-01 – 1980-2017 Ford F-250 Bushing Kit Replacement


Installation Guide:

-Installation Guide for Sulastic Rubber Springs Model SA (PDF) 


Read 2010 issue of 8-Lug Author: Joe Burnside
Sulastic Rubber Springs - Be Kind To Your Kidneys 

Nick Vazquez - aka "Nor-Cal Nick" on the forums.
Sulastic Shackles in my words... 

Sulastic shackles are basically rubber isolators that take the top heavy spring rate off these 3/4 & 1 ton trucks when driving down the highway or city streets. In a way, these shackles are making your factory spring into a "progressive" style ride without reducing your spring weight capacity.

On my Personal Truck: 2008 3500HD Dually Crew Cab Long Bed

I purchased my dually in December of 2007 and installed a leveling package along with the Sulastic Shackles and my personal spec'd Bilstein (Zinc) 5100's for daily driving. I also pull a fifth wheel trailer (about 18k lbs) and I have AirLift helper bags to accommodate the heavy fifth wheel pin weight. The truck rides great and and my family and I really do enjoy driving the truck for short or long trips.

I am currently running a 4" Cognito Motorsports lift with 35" tall tires along with the same Sulastic Shackles originally installed. Hauling anything from a small trailer or my 20k fifth wheel Toy Hauler, to a 25k lbs+ loaded goose neck trailer, I am still very happy with the performance of the ride quality of this product. I highly recommend these shackles to any 3/4-1 ton truck owners for daily driving or heavy hauling, you will be happy.
Take the top heavy spring rate off your truck while driving down the highway or city streets. Shackles make your factory spring into a "progressive" style ride without compromising your spring weight capacity.

Customer Reviews:

MuddinDirty @
Got mine on Friday. WIFE Approved!!!! They really help with the "kidney shot" bumps, almost not even there. Best mod on the dually yet until the lift gets done!!!
Thanks Nick!!!

EROracing @

Yes I will agree with the above statement. These really helped with the concrete freeway as well as everyday jarring bumps money well spent. Thanks Nick.

HookdOnDmax @
NorCal Nick installed the Sulastics for me last week. They eliminate that immediate spring-to-frame harshness induced at every bump. They also eliminate the annoying vibration in the leaf ... the feedback-whip vibration (spring-stutter?) immediately after a bump. The Bilsteins had already tamed it quite a bit, but the Sulastic shackles totally damp it out.
Just back from 300+ miles on NorCal freeways, and I'm totally satisfied with the Sulastics, drop-version. I don't have airbags, but Nick's white dually has them plus the Sulastics for everyday comfort. His CC dually rides exactly like my XCab.

Denali02 @
Two weeks ago NorCal Trucks installed the Sulastic Shackles. I wanted to drive it a few hundred miles and before the assessment.
To clarify, the truck is still a truck. I can't say it's a significant improvement but enough to reduce that gut wrenching harshness from the rear and the rapid bunny humps. Much softer, enough to take the edge off which is what I was looking for especially when the gas tank was empty. Wish I would of done this long time ago and well worth the investment.


I just got the Sulastic Shackles put on yesterday. And let me tell you what huge difference to the now what stiff bounce in the rear. Soon as I drove away from Nick's shop and went over the speed bumps. WOW. I actually feel like I am driving a car. No more going over bumps, dips and have the rear end feel like it just hopped side ways on you. I would definitely recommend these products if you’re looking for a better quality ride and smoothness to your truck. Major difference.

INSman @
Thank you Nick for the Bilsteins that seem to be perfectly valved for my stock setup along with the sulastics that got installed today together and WOW, what a difference !!! Not my Lexus, by absolutely makes me happy about driving the truck again and I know the wife & kids are going to appreciate it as well on our next road trip...

HotRodSS @

I have had the Sulastic springs installed for a while now and I was very pleased with the ride improvement. One way I could describe it is that the rear suspension is similar to the front now when going over bumps. It is much smoother as opposed to the harsh jar that was there before. They are made much heavier than the stock shackles also. I would recommend them if you are looking for a smoother more "car-like" ride from your pickup. Thanks to Nick for a great product.

MuddinDirty @

I have the same rear setup as Nick as he spec'd it out for me when I did the 4-6\" Cognito in front. Like he said, it makes the long trips more enjoyable for the family because it really takes out all "kidney shots" that were a killer with the stock suspension especially in the back seat. Everybody that rides with me comments on how nice this 1 ton rides.

dh515 @
Have had the Sulastic springs on for a couple of days now. Made a very noticeable difference in ride quality and they were well worth the price. Much smoother ride and less jarring from the back. I have the yellow Bilsteins on my otherwise stock suspension with the T-bars cranked six turns, 285/70/17 BFG KO's (load range D) on H2 rims. I don't tow anything currently, so my comments pertain to an unloaded truck. BTW, Jeff at Nor Cal Truck was very helpful and gave good information. One of the better products I've put on my truck.

jim87vette @
Well I just got out and took for a ride. It definitely takes the harshness away I can say that much. It still has a slight bump to it but it has eased the jolt-that's the best I can describe it(its a dually).But time will tell and I only took it around the block-my truck is very new not even 700 miles yet so everything is still tight. But yes there is a difference I think I should also adjust the tire pressure when unloaded and that should also help. Worth the money and if I can install them with a broken leg you guys should be able to do it as well lol..

Talldog @
Sulastic Spring Hangers & Bilsteins, Let me start by saying, Holy S--T !!! Installed hangers and shocks and can't believe the ride. It doesn't even resemble my old ride( which I thought was good ) in the least!! Many thanks to Jeff from Nor-Cal who hooked me up. If anybody has a Dually, this mod is the ticket!!! I'll have to say, It's the best money I've spent on this truck!!!!!!!

Grizwald @
Just wanted to say thank you to Nick and Jeff at Nor Cal. I received my Sulastic's today and mounted them. Pretty straight forward install. I did use one washer on the bottom mount like Nick did with his dually. I know I wont feel the ride towing the 5er to Pismo on wed but I just wanted to get them and get it done. I will do a review when I return and drive the dreaded Cali washboard freeways.

Update for the ride, have been towing quite a bit (13-14K) and the shackles are holding up great! The ride empty is still very good like said it takes the hard bumps and smoothes them out quite a bit. It's a one ton so I expect some harshness but these Sulastics do indeed help out. Still very happy I did this

If I were to buy another truck like the one I have I would definitely purchase Bilstein shocks and the Sulastic Shackles.
HUGE difference in ride quality.

Mad Maxx
Got the Sulastic Shackles Installed and damn!! What a difference, I got a perfect spot my house to test out Suspension stuff, a Railroad Crossing, it's not terrible, but it makes you slow down to go over it. When my suspension was 100% Stock, I had to hit the brakes and slow down. Then I put on the Bilstein's, and I could keep my speed, just let off the gas as I went over them. Now with the Bilstein's coupled with the Sulastic's, I stay on the gas and barely even feel the bumps and dips. But all-in-all...Bilsteins coupled with Sulastic's WILL give you a 1500-esque ride.

floriduramax1 @
Just put mine in today!!! What a difference! LOVE EM! I went riding around looking for bumps! My passenger seat doesn't shake VIOLENTLY anymore ...... LOVE EM! I give thanks to Nor-Cal and their fast shipping

JD4440 @
Mine came today !! I'll say that is the fastest I've ever received anything from Cali (3 days). Got mine with the 2" drop; hopefully get them installed Sunday and be able to report back. Thanks Nick !

JD4440 @
Now for the good stuff. Took them to the roughest road near the shop, took it as fast as I had the nerve to and WOW! is all I can say. If they don't do much more they really keep the tail in line when going around a rough curve. Smoothed out potholes considerably and overall greatly improved the feeling of patchwork in the road. A+ and a big thumbs up for a great product Nick !

Raul@Stealth Automotive @
.... install is super simple and took less than an hour to complete.. (with air tools of course)
all I have to say is WOW... I really didn't think they were not going to make that much of a diff but they def did... I used to get a very bumpy ride (to the point that it would hurt your back) and now its def way smoother .... if your looking to get some talk to Nick at norcal truck... he will def set you up with a great price for Org members....

scottymudguy @
Well I got a set of Sulastic's for one of the dually's. I have to say that they were much easier to install than what I had been led to believe! I would say we gained about half the ride difference that we gained with the Bilstein's ... the wife (BOSS) loves them! Bought 'them from Nick of course!!! Be calling shortly for another set bro'...

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Installation Guide:

-Installation Guide for Sulastic Rubber Springs Model SA (PDF) 

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