FABTECH 2005-07 4" Budget System- Ford F250/F350 4WD



The 4” Budget System utilizes the factory front coil springs with a steel upper spacer providing 4” of lift. Radius Arm drop brackets retain the factory arms with correct caster setting for the increase ride height. System includes a Trac Bar relocation bracket that has been designed to center the axle under the vehicle and still works properly with the factory Pitman Arm. This eliminates the need to replace the Pitman Arm resulting in a lower cost and faster installation time. Rear lift is accomplished with lift blocks and extended length u-bolts.

System allows installation of 35” tall tires with required inner fenderwell trimming for adequate tire clearance for street driving and light offroad use.

Kit# K2181, K2181M, K2181DL

Use 35/12.50R18 tires w/ 18x9.5 wheels w/ 4 3/4” BS w/ minor trimming

Use 35/12.50R20 tires w/ 20x9 wheels w/ 5” BS w/ minor trimming

Oty Part # Description

Performance K2181

1 FTS22153 Component Box

2 FTS6236 Front Stealth Shocks

2 FTS6063 Rear Stealth Shocks

Stealth K2181M

1 FTS22153 Component Box

2 FTS7236 Front Performance Shocks

2 FTS7266 Rear Performance Shocks

Dirt Logic K2181DL

1 FTS22153 Component Box

2 FTS810962 Front Dirt Logic 2.25 Non Resi

2 FTS810052 Rear Dirt Logic 2.25 Non Resi

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Component Description: 4" Budget System w/Performance Rear Shocks - 2005-07 Ford F250/F350 4WD 4" Budget System w/ Rear Stealth Shocks - 2005-07 Ford F250/F350 4WD 4" Budget System w/Dirt Logic SS Shocks - 2005-07 Ford F250/F350 4WD
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